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How Could We Avoid Me-too Marketing?

    I have posted What is me-too marketing? before, giving you a brief concept about me-too marketing.

    In the modern world, nearly everyone, especially the young generation, wanna differentiate from others and pursue the unique ones. So me-too strategy is not the trend moving forward and definitely should be avoided.

    Here I’d like to share with you why more and more businessperson think me-too marketing is dangerous and how could we aviod me-too marketing?

    Why me-too marketing are considered as dangerous?

    1. Negative messages about your brand will be delievered to your customers

    Messages that you are the same as your competitors will be delievered to your customers, and your customers will see you as a copy cat.

    Once they get a chance, they will not choose your products or services.

    2. You may only waste your time to do advertisement for your competitors

    People usually can remember the first entrant to the market only, not the 2nd, 3rd or other followers.

    In such case, when you use me-too marketing strategy to do promotion, you are actually spending money to advertise for your competitors, who step into the market first.

    3. Customers not willing to pay more cause you are not original

    As of said before, people don’t like copy cat.

    When you be positioned as the enterprise who create the knock-off, not the original, customers will not willing to pay much for it.

    They only want the knock-off to be deeply discounted.

    Then how could we avoid me-too marketing?

    You should build up your unique competitive advantage by below key differentiators:

    1. Your Values

    Let your potential customers know what is your company’s value.

    Such as that you care for the environment, you respect for tradition etc.

    You can set yourself apart from those competitors by letting your audience know that you donate money or your products to local homeless shelter.

    2. Product specialization

    Assume you are a burger restaurant owner, you could set you different from other burger restaurants by making your burger bigger and more fullfilled to attact more meat lovers.

    Or you could poinstion yourself as vegetarian burgers producer to gain more dieters customers.

    3. Price

    People believe price imply quality, prestige or thoughtfulness.
    Use the price to make you different from others

    4. Experience

    Two salesperson, one is a fresh man, the other has 20-year experience in the industry.
    As a customer, who will you choose to reply on and buy products from?

    Experience of you or your company could be a strong strength which can differentiate you form others and generate leads.

    5. Customer management and service

    Serve your customers well, including replying them quickly, mange their expectations, caring for their feelings etc.

    Your customers will have a great impression by your company if you serve them further than your competitors.

    To sum up, don’t be a replaceable one, select something appealing for customers around which to create your identity.

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