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How to identify the relationship between sales and marketing ?

    Let’s face and ask yourself the question “how do you see the relationship of sales and marketing?” I believe majority of you will treat sales and marketing as separate from one another. And it’s a fact few entrepreneurs in China really know what is the marketing and how to define your marketing campaign.

    I have seen most of the Chinese business owner don’t know what is the marketing,don’t know its benefits and have no idea what make up for marketing; let alone on how to come up with the marketing strategy. Someone might the mindset to invest on marketing to increase the brand awareness, but you would hear them say,” we only have to focus on sales right now, we will take care of marketing later” Obviously they can’t see the connection between.

    Here I would like to say, sales and marketing should not see as separate tools.
    Put it in short, marketing generates leads – Sales closes leads.You can’t have sales if you don’t have a solid marketing plan, and you can’t have a solid marketing plan if you don’t get the sales to pay for it.
    I belive all the time the high-level management would blame the salesperson for lack of orders or sales. Bosses or management were convinced that they needed better salesperson. But they have ignored a main problems for years. That is, salesperson need marketing campaign’s support to generate more opportunities for them to close.

    Let’s take a look at this example, a Chinese company, only rely on email and participating overseas show, they have no complete  marketing plan or campaign. It was up to their salesperson’s ability to explore the market. This was all they got to generate interest with customers.

    Presumably each salesperson have about 10 qualified leads per month in this company. The qualified lead we simply by seeing those customers were willing to receive a quotation. The average closing rate for each salesperson was about 20% of the quotes. Based on the closing rate, if you have 30 leads, you will close 6 orders; if 50, then10 closed.

    Think about it, if you want to increase sales, the only solution is to increase the number of leads through email and participating overseas show, But a salesperson’s customer coverage is limited, which can’t bring as much leads as you want, salesperson should focus on the sales closing. However, marketing can increase lead generation largely by a effective marketing campaign.

    When we get more and more sales, in turns we should use the capital created by sales to support the expensive marketing campaign.

    How to identify the relationship between sales and marketing?

    relationship picture between sales and marketing

    Put it simple, just like the above graph,  they cultivate each other and work together to keep your business growing.  That explains some giant company spend so much money on marketing and could be very profitable such as coca-cola.

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