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Salespeople Can Only Win Business With Enterprises’ Support

    Today I need to say something on behalf of all salespeople, especially ones in B2B export business.

    As a salespeople, I know they need to confront customers who have unrealistic expectations, want unattainable price with very harsh lead time.

    I also get it that salespeople have to deal with internal relationship with their colleagues including R&D, purchasing, production, quality control, warehousing and the top management.

    Salespeople are only supposed to act within the company-wide policies to close a deal.

    All of these require not only sales skills, industry professions but also emotional intelligence which can be used to handle all affairs happened during the closing sale process.

    You got overwhelmed with the demands upper management place on you.
    You’ve meet or exceeded budgets one quarter, and no one say something about your hard work. But when you fall short the next quarter, you would get harsh criticism.

    From years to years, we can see a lot of B2B salespeople have a hard time with this position and eventually they choose to quit this job.

    It is difficult for salespeople to win business

    In today’s world, every industry’s competition is very fierce, the customers could have probably over 100 purchasing source when they get the intention to buy something.

    I put a question in social media asking “as a salespeople, what difficulties you usually encounter with?”
    Lots of replied competing with internet prices and being stuck into the endless price war.
    Some complained they were dealing with people less the proper usage/diction.

    It is never easy to win a business.

    The Great Recession of 2007 and worldwide financial crisis of wreaked havoc on businesses, many companies closed, also a lot of layoffs happened.

    Therefore those companies have to cut off their purchasing plan cause there isn’t demand there, but meanwhile it is those same companies require their salespeople magically produce sales and business.

    To close sales successfully, it has to be the right product, the right quality, the right quantity, the right pricing under the right terms.
    If any of them don’t, there will not be a successful sales.

    There are far too many times salespeople been put in unwinnable situations. Their enterprises asked far too much, and were never satisfies with the results.

    Perhaps that’s why sales employee turnover is very high because very few companies understand what’s needed to support salespeople to win business.

    Management must be willing to take a step back to see what has been missed and understand why sales aren’t happening, and give sales support which they need.

    Management should know salespeople can’t succeed alone.

    Salespeople getting the support from their enterprises will win

    Have you ever got the felling as a salespeople that your companies leave everything to you. They expect you to act as a marketing expert and also do all the sales work.
    Even though sales and marketing cultivate each other continuously, but they are totally different.

    Specking of that, I’ ve write a post stating the relationship between sales and marketing: What is Marketing?

    The best enterprises don’t leave it all up to their salespeople. They know what their salespeople need to win business and act proactively to support them including setting up the proper marketing strategy, getting R&D, purchasing, production, quality, warehouse, after sales service department prepared to support them.

    I’ve seen and experienced a lot of occasions that enterprises didn’t help to win and maintain the customers. More worse, they put their salespeople in a more bad and awkward situation to maintain their relationship with customers.

    Let’s look at some examples;

    Production department kept extending the lead time promised to customers from time to time, caused customers missed their promotion, which in turn, salespeople need to apologize over and over again to customers and may lose the customers they spent a whole year obtained.

    Your quality control department failed their responsibility to check the printing color of customer’s brand, in the result, customer refuse to accept the batch of goods and doubt you and your company’s ability.

    Ask yourself have your boss or sales director made the condition for sales attainable.
    Do they deliver what they promise to customers?
    Do all your relevant departments go above and beyond what’s required?
    Most importantly, ask yourself do you need to overcome a myriad of company-wide deficiencies?
    Does your sales team have the support and backing they need to win business?

    Salespeople are supposed to sell but they have no obligation to make multiple excuses in order to overcome a company’s inability to deliver on what it promised. They can find solutions to resolve problems, alleviate customers’ concerns and close the sales.
    But repeated mistakes will only make customers unwilling to buy form any salespeople no matter how great the salespeople do.
    Company’s incompetence is not what salespeople can overcome.

    Think about all those aforementioned questions, take some time to figure out what ‘s needed to close sales.

    Next time have your boss or top management sit down, communicate with them, tell them winning business is not easy, you can not succeed alone and you need their support to boost the sales.

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