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What Is Me-too Marketing?

    What is me-too products?

    Simply put, a company’s me-too product is one that is designed to be similar to a popular product made by another company.

    And when you decide to use me-too marketing, it means you start a product or service which is just like your competitors.

    There are many examples me-too marketing used, the most famous one is Pepsi versus Coco-Cola.

    So why me-too marketing be used so frequently?
    Because it is easier to become just another “me-too” business, with the similar marketing strategy and take away the market share of the leading company.

    When asked with the question “Should me-too marketing be avoided?”, most of you would say “yes, it should be avoided”. So as most of the business consultant said to you.

    Sure, with no doubt, me-too marketing is the reason which make you just so so, instead of being unique to your customer which can bring them irreplaceable value, everyone could have a chance to replace you.
    It is important to figure out How could we avoid me-too marketing?

    Maybe you can survive in the market with your me-too marketing, but your profit margins will be very thin. And you will be stuck into the dilemma of worrying every second that your customers will be easily stolen by your competitors.

    Remember the motive of a enterprise is to make profit,with me-too marketing, you may have market share, but you will not have as much profit margin compared with the first entrant of the market. You will always be the second one, which also be harmful to your brand.

    But there is one thing we should know, although we should try our best to avoid me-too marketing, sometimes objective conditions just not allow us to launch your unique and brand new strategy.

    Nowadays, the markets is becoming saturated, me-too marketing is definitely a choice for people who want to start a new business with minimum time and money investment.

    For example, the foodservice industry is full of me-too products and most of the foodservice enterprises use the similar marketing strategy. There are many pizza Chains and burger outlets which copy each other.

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