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Why buyer receive defectives when sourcing from China?

    Now picture a situation you buy a container of products from China, but they were all scratched and broken when arrived at your facility.  Well, that’s a moment will really get you crazy.

    You get upset and tired buying from China because of the quality issue?
    Now I’m gonna tell you where are quality problems mainly come from.

    The reason quality issue happens:

    1. Improper design or concept from you

    2. Supplier cheating on workmanship and material

    3. Supplier poor supply capability

    4. You have unclear quality standard

    1. Improper design or concept from you

    More than 90%  think defectives comes from supplier. Suppliers cheat on something or have bad control of their products. Supplier being irresponsible. blabla…

    Yet, there is a factor which also can cause the quality problems and  could not be found. That is, improper design or concept from you.

    Let’s see a example, we all know gold foil stamping could put more glossy elements on our products. But if you want use paper that isn’t suitable for gold foil stamping, regardless of what the factory’s suggestion of changing the paper, you will eventually get the finished products which can’t meet your expectations. And of course, the factory or supplier should not be blamed on this.

    Recently, I came across a project that can also demonstrate this point.
    A Chinese supplier is about to use quarter pallet concept to pack and promote its products in their customer’s stores, which is the buyer’s idea. but 6 months passed, they still can’t find the right structure which can pass  the customers’ transit inspection, cause this product’ weight is way too high, which make it difficult to realize the cardboard quarter pallet display concept.

    This will not work if you have wrong idea in the begaining which can’t realize in mass production or inspection phase .

    What we can do is to check with your engineer or factory first.

    2. Supplier cheating on workmanship and material

    This is what known by the majority, suppliers may cheat on lots of things in order to save cost and make more money.

    They either cut down the product weight or change the material intentionally without telling you or they will do both.
    That is absolutely a wrong thought and do no benefit either to customer or you in the long run.

    You need to write this down on your contracts with your suppliers.

    3. Supplier poor supply capability

    A common reason known by us. The capability of the supplier is very important.  You definitely will not want a supplier who can’t meet your requested shipping time to catch your sales promotion.

    Supplier poor supply chain management. The could not hit the dealine of shipment because of the late arrival and inconsistency from batch to batch of raw materail.

    Supplier poor manafacturing ability including lack of capacity, quilty control management etc.

    A bad capability from supplier can result in inconsistency on their quality, price and lead time.

    4. You have unclear quality standard

    This is the one you may ignore but also matters.

    Have you made a clear product approval standard for your ordered products before issue the PO?
    Have you signed a contract or mentioned in your email regarding the product standard with your vendor?
    No? Then your supplier will not haveyour requested standard to do products quality checking jobs accordingly.
    Not even mention you will not have formal reference to negotiate with your vendor for the defectives and ask for compesation.

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